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Let’s Transform Lives Together: The Ultimate Resource Hub for Therapists and Coaches

This platform offers a one-stop-shop for therapists and coaches to access valuable resources, connect with like-minded individuals and grow their practices. From self-care tools to practice-building tips and the latest research, our community of professionals is dedicated to helping you transform lives. Join the community today and take your therapy and coaching practice to the next level!

My Mission

Whether you are an individual seeking therapy or coaching, or a therapist or coach looking to grow your practice, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

II work with clients to support mental and emotional wellness. I also support therapists and coaches through my online community which shares valuable resources and tools to promote their practices.

Therapy and coaching can support mental and emotional wellness, and help people lead happier, more fulfilling lives.


Book a Therapy or Coaching Session

Book a counselling session with an Accredited, professional therapist who is also a qualified coach. I work 1:1 in Churchtown, Dublin or offer online sessions to clients in Ireland. Book a session to receive support, whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or just want to enhance your personal development.


Therapy and Coaching Resources

Free and paid resources specifically designed for therapists and coaches to enhance their skills, knowledge, and practice. From online courses and workshops to webinars and e-books, I offer a range of valuable tools that cover various topics, including mindfulness, coaching strategies, and more.


Values and Vision

Normalising therapy and coaching.
My mission is to empower individuals to live happier and healthier lives by normalising access to therapy and coaching. I believe in the power of these professions to help people heal, grow and thrive.

Compassion and empowerment.
Join the mission to promote mental wellness. Whether you’re a therapist or coach looking for resources to grow your practice or an individual seeking support, I am here to help.

Spread mental health awareness.
As a therapist and coach, my primary objective is to spread mental health awareness, and my content will reflect that. I will provide tips, advice, and information on how to improve mental health and well-being.


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